Register of Biofuels Origination

The Register of Biofuels Origination (RBO) is an industry initiative aiming to facilitate compliance with the provisions of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED 2009/28/EC) and the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD 2009/30/EC) with respect to Extra Incentivised Biofuels (EIBs) Substances.

RBO's purpose is to create a business-friendly and pragmatic scheme to:

  • Improve traceability for all renewable fuels
  • Minimise the risks of potential improper reporting of “double -counting” biofuels from production to end use
  • Exchange views and strategize for promoting extra-incentivised biofuels materials


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Latest News!

The Conference "What Incentives for Advanced Biofuels in Europe 2015-30?" - RBO Information Day and Conference will be held on December 10th, in the Academie Royale de Belgique in Brussels. Download the programme and related documents here!


RBO Certification Register is now online! The RBO Register is online and open to all interested parties.

Register following this link https://www.rboregister.com. The registration under the RBO will ensure no ‘double accounting’ of double-counting!