What are EIBS?

A unanimous definition of biofuels’ generations does not exist. Though, a positive and clear definition of biofuels enjoying specific additional support at EU or national level is necessary in order to set reliable certification, traceability and marketing rules for the sector.
An Extra Incentivised Biofuel (EIB) is defined as a substance sold in the EU market as a biofuel product which is eligible in at least one of the EU Member States for a form of extra-incentive (such definition includes most commonly double-counting biofuels today, but may include any kind of national or EU extra incentive in force now or in the future). 

A new indicative target by 2020 of 0.5% has been set amending the RED and the FQD. The new target defines that each Members States should set up a national non-binding target of 0.5% of second generation biofuels by 2020 within 18 months of the entry into force of the Directive. This 0.5% is double counted and would count 1% towards the 10% target of renewable in transport by 2020.