What is RBO?

The Register of Biofuels Origination (RBO) is an industry initiative aiming to facilitate compliance with the provisions of the Renewable Energy Directive (RED 2009/28/EC) and the Fuel Quality Directive (FQD 2009/30/EC) with respect to Extra Incentivised Biofuels (EIBs) Substances.

Members of the Consortium intend to provide the EU industry as well as EU and Member States public authorities with a single pan European tool for harmonising the secure registration and certification of Extra Incentivised Biofuels. The innovation of the RBO is that it gives the stakeholders – through membership to the Consortium - the responsibility for the accurate trade and production of Extra Incentivised Biofuels feedstock and substances.

Reasons for requiring improved certification:

  • To ensure accurate reporting of type at production level; i.e. we make what we say we make.
  • Impossible or difficult to confirm nature of bio-ethanol, biodiesel or bio-methane from technical testing after production.
  • Need for assurance of type (double-counting or not) before biofuel is first traded.

Reasons for requiring strong traceability:

  • To ensure no ‘double accounting’ of double-counting
  • Current ease of magnifying the volume of double-counting biofuels through inappropriate trading.
  • Inability of Member States to be sure of volumes of most sustainable biofuels traded into their Nation and therefore their claims of attaining both FQD and RED targets.
  • Inability of EU to be confident of Member States' claims of GHG reduction.

Why a Consortium?

  • Cross-Industry led and designed solution
  • Independent and technology neutral
  • Wide stakeholder base
  • Potential for improving traceability for all renewables, industry and certification experts

What are RBO main goals?

  • To support to investments in advanced biofuels
  • To minimize the risk of potential improper reporting of double counting biofuels, from production – through trading – to end use
  • To design and implement a solid and business-friendly certification system
  • To create a single EU-wide register for the trading of extra-incentivised biofuels
  • To achieve acceptance and adoption of the scheme across the EU